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Rev. Charles Williams II

Rev. Charles Williams II represents the next generation of civil rights leadership, as the President of the Michigan Chapter of the National Action Network, Executive Board member of PFAW's: African American Ministers Leadership Council, the former President of the Detroit Faith based community organization: MOSES a Gamaliel Foundation affiliate, and the proud pastor of the Historic King Solomon Baptist Church of Detroit where Malcolm X recorded message to the grassroots. Rev. Williams has appeared on CNN, MSNBC and is a Huffington Post Blog Contributor 

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Malcolm X and Nicki Minaj, Got Nothing In Common: Offended By All Means

Look at the women in America , young and old. Hardly any moral values are left in them. You can measure this by their dress and attire. Their spiritual values are almost destroyed, because of their emphasis on material things.

Autobiography of Malcolm X


I'm an 80's baby, and while I'm a pastor, I'd like to think I'm somewhat tuned in or hip to mainstream hip hop. Like a lot of us, I listen to the sweet beats of the songs, of the hip hop industry today, and have excused the horrible lyrics that tend to make you turn the radio down quickly if you are riding with someone who's over 60 years old in the car. Even if you listen to the music yourself, if you are like me, you say to your self "this beat is hot, but I don't care much about what there saying". Now the ignorance has risen to a whole new level, and there's no way I can go there. Niki Minaj, or her label, or some graphic artist has used a picture of Malcom X staring out the window, protecting his wife and kids from folks who had sent 100's of death threats to his house, and on his phone. I'm officially offended. How many sleepless nights did Bettie Shabazz endure? How much torment did his children endure while watching their father slain in the audobon ballroom? How dare you Nicki Minaj use this picture that depict the pain of a man in fear for his life and family, because he was standing up for African Americans.

If you want to flaunt around in barely no clothes, thats on you. If you want to rap about absolutely nothing but foolishness, that's on you. However, there is no way people, nor myself should let you stand by and use Malcolm X in your "ignant" no mispell, I mean't "Ignant" no class single, about men looking at you with barely no clothes on.

How dare you, Nikki Minaj or whatever your real name is. Cause we know that's not your real name, cause you aren't real. I am the Pastor of King Solomon Baptist Church, where Malcolm X delivered the speech Message to the grass roots, and Ballot or the Bullet In Detroit. I just believe Malcolm would say that you are operating as a simple, puppet for a slave master, and I say slave cause you obviously let them do just about anything to you. Do you have any respect for yourself? Apparently not. Do you love who your are? Apparently not. Cause if you did, you would never let some music industry graphic artist take this picture, and attach it to your totally tasteless, teeth less, ridiculous album single. This album cover got me really questioning wither I should even think about supporting music that comes out of an industry, that totally disregards my heritage, and continues to use demeaning an misogynistic lyrics and now photoshopped depictions of African American heroes.

I'm speaking out against this one. The Martin Luther King Jr. Party flyer was horrible, but this one is just another slap in the face and as you can see, "a little yeast has now grown into leavening the whole loaf." who's next Fredrick Douglas, and Harriet Tubman. Just in case you you didn't know, Malcolm X would abhor your senseless lyrics, wreck-less dress, and absent attitude.

This needs to be stopped dead in its tracks, it shouldn't go any further. Nicki Minaj you should take this down and offer an apology to the Malcolm X family and all who feel violated at the absent minded attempt at album art.