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Rev. Charles Williams II

Rev. Charles Williams II represents the next generation of civil rights leadership, as the President of the Michigan Chapter of the National Action Network, Executive Board member of PFAW's: African American Ministers Leadership Council, the former President of the Detroit Faith based community organization: MOSES a Gamaliel Foundation affiliate, and the proud pastor of the Historic King Solomon Baptist Church of Detroit where Malcolm X recorded message to the grassroots. Rev. Williams has appeared on CNN, MSNBC and is a Huffington Post Blog Contributor 

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Gilbert Arenas Recent Racist Comments Should Earn Him The Donald Sterling Treatment: PERMANENTLY BANNED

Gilbert Arenas, the unknown basketball player who last played in Shanghai. Is making moves to get back into the National Basketball Association (NBA), after a less than stellar career sent him into an undesirable status. Gilbert Arenas recently, made comments about the case of Micheal Brown, and the St. Louis reaction. Brown, who was a St. Louis area teen shot and killed by a police officer from a surrounding city. His death has sparked many protest and in some case civil unrest. Many people have had many things to say about this issue, but none of the remarks have been as misdirected, ignorant, and racist as Mr. Arenas.

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