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Rev. Charles Williams II

Rev. Charles Williams II represents the next generation of civil rights leadership, as the President of the Michigan Chapter of the National Action Network, Executive Board member of PFAW's: African American Ministers Leadership Council, the former President of the Detroit Faith based community organization: MOSES a Gamaliel Foundation affiliate, and the proud pastor of the Historic King Solomon Baptist Church of Detroit where Malcolm X recorded message to the grassroots. Rev. Williams has appeared on CNN, MSNBC and is a Huffington Post Blog Contributor 

Charles Edward Williams, II was born in Detroit, Michigan and reared in Birmingham, Alabama; he was built with the Ford toughness of a Midwestern American family, while planted in red dirt values of southern congeniality. With compassion and vigilance Rev. Williams uses those life experiences to guide his hands in leading the fight for workers rights, civil rights, equality, and access for the underserved population of the world.

At an early age Rev. Williams was eager to reach into the real world, and be a part of a movement for change. From college campus political activity, social justice corporate and issue campaigns, to leading political campaigns for candidates like U.S Senator Debbie Stabenow and Al Sharpton, and serving in the office of the pastorate. Rev. Williams charge had been confirmed by his opportunity to be mentored by Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Timothy McDonald, U.S Senator Debbie Stabenow, William Lucy, Dick Gregory, Rev. Joseph Lowery and countless others. Although, Running Political Campaigns, Engaging in Partisan Politics, engaging in Social advocacy, and evangelizing around the country is a dream realized for Rev. Williams. The destination of accomplishment is a far off and will continue to lead to global human and civil rights advocacy.

At the current age of 32, Rev. Williams can look back and smile at his accomplishments, but only long enough to re-energize and prepare to work toward the next level of work that waits in the future. Rev. Williams is an executive board member of the African American Ministers Leadership Council (AAMLC) an Affiliate of People For The American Way, The Former Chairman of The Board of the Gamaliel Foundation Affiliate Metropolitan Organizing Strategy Enabling Strength (MOSES), The President of the National Action Network Michigan Chapter, and The Pastor of the King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church, the historic pulpit where Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Thurgood Marshall, T.S Boone and a host of Americas leaders used as a stage to spread a progressive message for change. Rev. Williams is a blog Contributor for The Huffington Post, and frequently appears on CNN, MSNBC and other local and national media outlets.

As Rev. Williams' life unravels, education has become a continuous instrument of growth: from undergraduate studies at Eastern Michigan University and on to graduate studies. Rev. Williams believes the scripture Hosea 6:4 “My people perish because of lack of knowledge” and acts on the words by the Islamic prophet M